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Pursuing Your Ideal Job

It’s a miracle, you just found out that the company you’ve always wanted to work for is hiring for a position you’re qualified for. You know you’d be perfect for the job if they just give you a chance. The only thing you need to do is ace the interview and then it’s “adios!” to your current employer.

Getting In

But wait, how do you get an interview? Unless you know someone who can help get you in the hiring department’s door you’re going to need a key, and that key is your resume. Think about your resume as the tool to sell yourself. Like using a wingman to meet a girl at a bar, without a good wingman you may never be given the opportunity to talk to her.

Let’s look at some key facts that can help create a resume that will be effective in grabbing the attention of potential employers.

Less is More

First, ySample Resumeour resume shouldn’t look like a Stephen King Novel. You want to keep it concise with relative and important information tailored to the companies needs. The person reviewing your resume probably won’t take the time to read through four pages of your skills and hobbies. They don’t have the time or patience, especially at larger corporations that receive hundreds of resumes from people competing for that same position.

They’d be more inclined to read specific, individualized successes in your past that show you possess the attributes that could help the company. Being able to write that you developed a new program at your last job which improved productivity by 15% is a much better hook than saying you’re “hard working” and “efficient”. Specific accomplishments will grab the reader’s attention and show them you would be a great asset to their business.

First Things First

Check ListMake sure to put the most important information first. If the hiring department receives a lot of resumes they may skim them over to find keywords or qualities that stand out. Highlight your successes and research what the company is looking for so you can provide information that would attract them.

Avoid including fluff, fillers or irrelevant information. If you’re applying for a administrative assistant position it’d be better to include how you can type 90 words per minute as opposed to how well you work in groups.

Finally, this should go without saying, but make sure to proofread your resume. There should be absolutely NO typos, slang or grammatical errors. Companies have no tolerance for that!

Your resume is a great tool to sell yourself. Find out what the company is looking for and compose your resume accordingly. It could be the tool that helps you get that dream job!