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Embrace Your Success

Job InterviewBefore getting into tips and techniques that provide for a successful interview, it should be understood that the opportunity to interview for a job is a success in its own regard. Although the interview process can be stressful, you should take a minute to realize that someone at the company either saw your resume or talked to a reference and deemed you potentially suitable for the position. Use that to boost your confidence and be a source of pride as you prepare for the interview. You’ve already proven that you’re qualified for the position, now it’s time to demonstrate why you’re the right choice for the job.


It’s normal to feel nervous or anxious before an interview. Most often this will be your final opportunity tConfidenceo land the job so it’s essential to relax yourself. There are many ways to do that including taking a walk, eating a healthy meal, talking to a friend or anything you normally do that eases your mind.

Just as important is to remember that you worked hard and deserve the job. Having that mind state and being poised and confident will provide for a positive meeting. You’ve already proven that you’re qualified, now it’s time to demonstrate your worth.

Job Interview Basics

Some of the basic interviewing techniques will not be discussed in detail. The importance of your appearance, i.e. dressing appropriately, grooming in a manner that fits their operations, and having good personal hygiene should already be known. It also goes without saying that promptness (arriving early), and kindness towards the people you meet when you walk in the door are key to creating a good first impression.

Remember, you only get one chance at a first impression and accordingly to the Law of Primacy the initial characteristics and attributes you display will be how the interviewer will brand and remember you. It’s extremely important to Create a Strong Personal Brand.


When it comes to interviewing strategies, one thing that cannot be overemphasized is the importance of preparation. The last thing you want is to be sitting in front of the interviewer being asked questions you can’t answer. Looking like a deer in headlights is a sure way to bomb an interview.


Prior to the interview you should take ample time researching the company and position you want to be hired for. Examples of things you should know are; who runs the company, when and how it was developed, what the companies purpose and goals are, and what they are trying to accomplish through their operations.

This information may be brought up by the interviewer to find out how interested you are in the job. Being able to have a comprehensive dialogue about the company shows the interviewer you took the time to educate yourself about their business and will showcase your motivation.

Ask Questions

It is also a good idea to come prepared with questions about the position and the company in general. Asking questions does not portray ignorance; on the contrary it emphasizes your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn fundamental details about their business. This is a positive quality that many employers look for!

Win Over The Interviewer

When you’re being interviewed it’s important for the interviewer to like you on a personal and professional level. You want to show them you’re the type of person who would fit in well within the company and thrive at the job.

On a personal level show them that you’re kind, intellectual and can interact well with others by having a constructive dialogue. Don’t presume they should do all or most of the talking. It’s more favorable to have a conversation as opposed to completing a round of questions and answers.

And on a professional level you want to show the interviewer you can handle all the requirements of the position and will go above and beyond their expectations. A great way to do this is to provide anecdotal achievements in past jobs that exhibit your skills or traits that would pertain to the position you’re interviewing for. Interviewers love hearing success stories!

Be the Best Candidate for the Job

Remember, your ultimate goal is to leave a positive and lasting impression on your interviewer. Their job is to find someone who is the right fit for the position and your job is to show them that the right person is you!