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Interview Preparation & Coaching

The unfortunate truth is that jobs don’t always go to the most qualified candidate, but the best interviewer.  Today’s interviewers come with different skill levels.  How do you adjust and succeed with both the skilled and unskilled?  In any case:

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.
Interview Coaching

Interview Skills: How Do You Develop Them?

Successfully competing for an executive position requires a unique skill set and strong internal confidence. Busy executives seldom have time to develop these their interview skills.  And, the transition and job search process can erode your confidence.

Executive Interview Coaching

At Resume Strategy, we’ve helped thousands of executives to ace their interviews and successfully land their target opportunities.

Our Approach to Interview Coaching

Resume Strategy helps you to prepare for the most competitive job interview scenarios.

  • Behavioral Questions
  • Psychological Questions
  • Typical Questions
  • Trap Questions
  • Role Playing
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Talent Assessment Surveys
  • Group Interviews
  • Interviewing the interviewer

  We’ve helped hundreds of candidates to properly prepare with both answers to interview questions and questions to ask interviewers that will separate you from other candidates. We invite you to contact us for a Free Consultation to learn how you can gain the professional expertise that your career deserves.  Ask us how we might help you prepare and differentiate yourself.