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Salary Negotiation Coaching

Executive Level Salary Negotiation Coaching

Your salary negotiation skills can make or break the final step of your job search.  That is why we offer salary negotiation coaching services.

At the executive level, successful Salary Negotiation goes beyond salary alone.  And as with other areas of business proper planning is essential. We help our clients research their unique marketplace and value.  Armed with this knowledge, they can approach these delicate discussions with an air of clarity and confidence.

Salary Negotiation Coaching

How Do You Avoid Leaving Money On the Table?

Every job has a “salary banding rate”.  The key is leading and managing that discussion.  At Resume Strategy, we provide executives professional Salary Negotiation Coaching to handle their moments of truth so they:

  • Understand and use proper timing
  • Are prepared to make a strong business case for your value
  • Understand the concept of total compensation and negotiate perks and benefits in addition to salary

How Important is Compensation?

How much are you worth?  What is the market for your talent? What non-salary perks should be part of your compensation package?

If you haven’t done the research and you’re not clear about your answers to the questions above, you;re likely leaving money on the table.  And once you’re improperly slotted, will you ever make up the difference?

Our Salary Negotiation Coaching & Research will increase your likelihood of compensation negotiation success.

We have helped hundreds of candidates to successfully negotiate to receive their rightful value.  We invite you to contact us for a Free Consultation to learn how you can gain the professional salary negotiation expertise that your career deserves.

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